Her er en kort oversikt over et utvalg av tidligere prosjekter.


Ultrasonic inspection system

Existing system review

High power pulse amplifier (Discrete solution)

Capacitive load through transfomer


VHDL module in Radar Controller board

NCO usage

High speed interleaved DAC interface


Telecom switch board



DC/DC modules

Voltage monitoring

DDR SDRAM interface

NAND FLASH (DiskOnChip) interface

M-Module interface

Embedded PowerPC Hard Core

Test SW for above modules


PCB layout upgrade and production

Schematic cleanup and preparation

PCB layout

PCB production and assembly logistics

Production test


19 Rack Mechanical and EMC upgrade

Jack panel design and production

Internal cabling

EMC robustification


Fiber to Ethernet adapter

Migrating from 68HC11 to Nios II

Migrating from PCI to Ethernet

Re-use original CPLD design

Low cost FPGA Cyclone


RF Remote Control

Low Cost Low Power

433MHz Wireless

MICREL Chipset



Audio mixer for home appliance

Electronic audio design and PCB layout

Mechanical design

Industrialisation of product


SW Upgrade and general maintenance


Altera FPGA

HI-TECH Software C-compilator


PCB layout and production logistic

Schematic cleanup and preparation

PCB layout

PCB production and assembly logistics


Proprietary Communication Link

Xilinx CoolRunner


16 Mbit/s Manchester line Code

Embedden communication test system


PowerPC Single Board Computer

MPC755 uP / MPC107 Mem Ctrl

PCI 9054 PCI bridge

Initial Power-up, Test SW without OS

Built-in self test (BIST)

SW driver for FLASH

Low-level Chip initializing

VxWorks Drivers

I/O Board

Texas Instruments DSP

Xilinx CPLD

DSP Filtering SW

Signal Monitoring

Built-in self test (BIST)


Xilinx XL to XLA FPGA migration

Xilinx FPGA

ViewLogic Abel/VHDL

FPGA Design Review

Analogue Power Switch modification


Fibre optical Interface board

Altera FPGA using VHDL

VME HW and SW interface

622 Mb/s ATM communication

Communication MUX control

Insertion of synchronisation signalling

in ATM frame


Voltage to Current converter board

High degree of failsafe operation

Galvanic Isolated Power

Analogue circuits


Tacho measuremnt board

M-Module interface

High degree of failsafe operation

Galvanic Isolated Power and I/O

Altera FPGA using VHDL


Analogue/Digital I/O Board

PC/104 HW and SW Interface

1GHz frequency counter

20mA and Digital input/Output


HART communication

SW framework for customer


HDB3 to Fibre interface board

Altera FPGA using VHDL

Galvanic Isolated Power

Transparent Link for Long Distance


HDB3 and RS422 Communication


Pager Transmitter Interface board

Altera FPGA using VHDL

Designing new HW to very old

equipment with limited documentation

Controlled Delay FSK communication

Alarm generation

Communication Frame modification


Sensor interface board II

VME card

Altera FPGA using VHDL

Microchip uC

32 channel digital/analogue input/output

A/D and D/A

Current measurement 1uA resolution

Production test and calibration

SW framework for customer


Sensor interface board I

Analogue Signal conditioning

Puls Width measurement

50Mhz clock speed GAL / Abel

Highly accurate Current Pulse

pSOS Driver